Climax Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Climax Overseas Pvt. Ltd.


Suspension Bushes

We carry a range of over 500 Suspension Bushes for American, European & Japanese Applications sourced from OEM manufacturers worldwide including our own manufacturing locations in India.

We are continuously developing and expanding the range to cover wider applications in the North American Market.

Rock Ends

Control Arms

Control Arms & Rack Ends

We offer a full range of Control Arms covering more than 90% of the European Applications suitable as on OEM Replacement.

The heart of the Control Arm is in its Rubber Bushings & Ball Joints and that is the differentiation of our product compared to competition as we are experts in this field with over 45 years of experience. We have in house production unit for Bushings in our manufacturing location in India.

Tie Rod Ends

Dust Cap

Ball Joints

Trailing Arms Bush

Ball Joints & Tie Rod Ends

Our range of parts includes American, European & Japanese applications and is over 450 SKU’s.

 The Dust Cover is the heart of any Ball Joint or Tie Rod End and we use OEM grade Chloroprene compounds for the manufacturing of the same.

Our Dust Cover suppliers are immensely experienced in this product line and we bring that expertise to the market 

Motor Mounts

Our range of Motor Mounts is over 600 Part Number and is over expanding in order to cover maximum American, Japanese & European Applications.

Engine Mounts

Centre Support Bearings



Torque Arms



Container Locks

Oil Seals

Oil Seals

Oil Seals

Filter Components

Filter Components

Filter Components




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